One morning recently I had to go to ARMS in Blata l-Bajda as I had a query over a bill.  I was sent to desk nine where I was seen to by a certain Alexine Mizzi. I had three queries which the young lady, in a most professional and calm way, solved. 

Moreover,  after presenting all the documents she went the extra mile and filled out all the necessary forms for me.  I hope that all employees at ARMS are as good as Ms Mizzi.  I do not think they can be better.

Over a month ago I went to ARMS and finished up at desk 12.  I simply wanted to have my daughter’s address on her ID card changed as she had moved residence.  Even though I had the necessary documents the young lady serving me found all types of excuses not to carry out my request. In fact she didn’t.  What a difference!

Well done Ms Mizzi.  Keep up the good work.


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