Customs officials at the Malta International Airport discovered €11,365 in undeclared cash on a man headed to Ghana through Istanbul.

The Togolese passenger was selected by the Customs Anti Money Laundering Team for a currency check on Monday, after he checked in his luggage.
Customs said in a statement that when he was approached and asked how much cash he was carrying, the passenger admitted he had around €10,000.

Not convinced by his reply, the officials escorted him to the Customs Offices where he presented €7,775. He added that he had hidden the rest in his checked-in luggage.

A further €3,590 were found in his suitcase. The passenger was fined on the spot and allowed to travel.

This was the 22nd such discovery by customs. So far, a total of €331,947 in undeclared cash has been intercepted by customs.

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