I refer to the article ‘Court administration “ignoring security risk”’ (March 7).

In clarification, it is to be noted that daily cash deposits at the Central Bank of Malta night safe facility are not made by court drivers but are, in fact, made by duly authorised court personnel who are always accompanied by a driver.

Deposits are made in strict conformity to Treasury circular 14/2016.

It has to be noted that the vehicle carrying the deposit and the authorised person is laden at a secure area within the courts of justice. The vehicle is not always driven by the same driver and departs from the secure area for the Central Bank at randomly selected times and the drivers also follow routes that are random. When there is a need, a licensed security guard accompanies the authorised person.

Additionally, the courts of justice had already taken pre-emptive measures and, over the last the years, the Courts of Justice Department has also introduced a system for online payments through the courts’ e-justice portal and online credit transfers to the public account at the Central Bank of Malta.


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