Nationalist Party exponents seem to delight in harming Malta’s name, not just locally but, more so, in other countries, particularly in EU institutions. They justify this by saying that when they attack the Maltese government they are not attacking Malta. “The government is not Malta. And Malta is not the government,” Roberta Metsola said on Saviour Balzan’s Extra.

Whenever Metsola, David Casa, Simon Busuttil, Adrian Delia and all the other PN exponents and their journalist ‘friends’ mention the word ‘Panama’ and not the Panamanian government, they prove how wrong they are. The laws that govern financial services in Panama were made by the Panamanian government. But it is Panama that is depicted as a haven for corrupt people or those who may want to evade taxation in their own country.

So when PN exponents do their best to depict our country as a place where money-laundering and corruption are widespread, it is our dear country’s reputation – and not the Labour government – that is besmirched.

If such a dirty campaign succeeds in having a very negative effect on Malta’s economy, all the people and all businesses, irrespective of their political opinions, will suffer. Probably, the first people to be affected will be the thousands who work in the financial services sector, followed by those in the gaming sector, construction, retail, tourism etc.

The vast majority of Maltese and Gozitan voters have the opportunity on May 25 to show those who are doing their best for Malta’s economy “to crash”, as Godfrey Leone Ganado, a PN exponent, has said, that what they are doing is abhorred.

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