Artistic director and choreographer Irina Pauls performs It’s Schiller! a unique and gripping dance-theatre version of Friedrich Schiller’s fragments Die Maltheser at Teatru Salesjan, Sliema tomorrow and on Saturday.

The show features on stage the world-famous a cappella formation ‘amarcord’ and five international professional dancers, blending baroque songs and modern live electronic music.

The setting of Schiller’s fragments is Fort St Elmo during the Great Siege of Malta 1565. The German classical author was especially fascinated by the role of Grand Master Jean de Valette and the behaviour of his Knights.

The spectator of It’s Schiller! finds his way into the atmosphere of the Ottoman expansion in the Mediterranean in the 16th century, experiencing the issue of resilience of a European congregation via sound and dance.

It’s Schiller! premiered 2017 at ‘euro-scene Leipzig’ – Festival for contemporary European Theatre and Dance.

It’s Schiller! will take place at the Salesian Theatre, Sliema. Shows start at 8pm. For tickets visit .