British author Fattima Mahdi recently self-published her debut title, Love Don’t Come Easy: The Modern Struggle, a book she wrote to highlight the ways in which we have socially evolved through modern technology and the effect this has on our perceptions of love.

Mahdi was born and raised in London and moved to Malta with her partner in May 2016.

Her writing journey began with her well-established blog of five years, ThoughtsFromTheBalcony. She loves to write in an accessible, yet sophisticated, voice and uses her knack for sentence formation to address socio-political issues, contemporary culture and mental health problems prevalent in society today.

Her publication is already gaining traction, earning her a spot at Campus Book Festival 2018 (commissioned by the National Book Council in Malta). She will also be going on a book tour in London, as well as the US, with upcoming events soon-to-be scheduled for New York (Brooklyn and Manhattan) as, well as Atlanta.

Love Don’t Come Easy: The Modern Struggle, offers a series of chapters dealing with those topics and questions that anyone on the dating game today – whatever age or gender – is sure to have asked themselves multiple times. The book starts out by running us through a series of basic per­sona­lities, typical traits that everyone will recognise and nod their heads at.

It then moves on to that most common of dilemmas: what are the rules for dating today? Mahdi debunks a lot of what she considers myths. The good news? Most of the rules are self-imposed and make no sense!

There’s social media, deal breakers, non-exclusivity, cheating, stalking

The author also tackles issues such as self-confidence, over-competitiveness and the ever-mysterious Friend Zone. The latter is particularly witty, even offering a checklist of how best to ‘friendzone’ someone – tell them they are a good friend; avoid physical contact; and talk about other love interests. It doesn’t get much simpler to follow!

There’s social media, deal breakers, non-exclusivity, cheating, stalking… no stone is left unturned, including the ever-dreaded breakup.

Mahdi is also a musician and professional roller-skater.  The book is available online.


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