No libels about stories claiming MEP David Casa was a cocaine user had been filed, a court heard on Friday.

MaltaToday managing editor Saviour Balzan told a court that Mr Casa had not filed any libel suits about the allegations published in his newspaper.

Mr Balzan was testifying in a defamation case MEP Marlene Mizzi has filed against Mr Casa, over allegations that she was keeping an office rental allowance to which she was not entitled.

Ms Mizzi testified earlier in the sitting and said she could not accept Mr Casa's allegation that she was pocketing money, dropping mention of the allegations against Mr Casa. 

“The fact that he is inflating salaries and taking drugs instead of trying to clear his name…,” she started saying but was interrupted.

Ms Mizzi said she had been using offices owned by her daughter, who would not accept rent from her. This led to allegations that she was “pocketing” allowances intended for paying office rent.

She referred to the General Expense Account Good Practise Guide, saying she was following those rules on how a parliamentarian was to act.

MEPs, she said, were not obliged to give an account of their expenses. Money was given to MEPs without an explanation being needed on how it was spent.

Ms Mizzi was cross-examined by lawyer Jason Azzopardi, who asked whether she knew whether Mr Casa’s accounts were audited. “I don’t know,” she replied.

Asked whether her accounts were audited, Ms Mizzi said they were.