Updated at 12.40pm with Konrad Mizzi's statement

MEP David Casa is on Friday presenting a report by the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) on Minister Konrad Mizzi to an inquiring magistrate, insisting it contains enough evidence for legal action against the minister.

Addressing journalists, Mr Casa said since no action had been taken by the authorities despite the report stating that immediate, legal action against Dr Mizzi should be taken, he had no option but to present the report in court.

While he would not divulge details of the report, to “respect the court's process”, Mr Casa said the information contains details of bank transactions, trips abroad and other activities by Dr Mizzi as well as the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, Keith Schembri.

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"The report also includes dates, figures, names of other people and information on the fabrication of documents that made what Dr Mizzi did possible. Once again, Pilatus Bank is also mentioned," Mr Casa said.

Reiterating that he did not trust the Police Commissioner, the FIAU or the Attorney General, Mr Casa insisted that he did have faith in the judiciary and that is why he was taking the information to an inquiring magistrate.

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Acknowledging that both the FIAU and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat had threatened anyone divulging such information with legal action, Mr Casa said this did not discourage him in any way and he would not rest until there is a proper investigation and action taken against Dr Mizzi.

"I once again appeal to the Prime Minister of my country to stop wasting time and to get rid of those around him," the MEP went on.

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Also addressing journalists was MP Jason Azzopardi, who was part of the team of legal and financial experts appointed by Mr Casa to verify the authenticity of the content of the report.

He said it was not prudent to divulge the content of the report yet. However, it contained evidence of “schemes, systems, behaviour and collusion to launder money on a large scale by members of the executive and other high-ranking people within the Office of the Prime Minister”.

Konrad Mizzi statement

In a statement, Dr Mizzi reiterated that no wrongdoing whatsoever was committed, and that the trust and company (now dissolved) never held bank accounts and received no funds from anywhere in the world.

This, he said, was confirmed by an independent audit conducted by international audit firm Crowe Horwath.

"No amount of hypotheses or speculation in this regard can ever be proved because they are false."

Dr Mizzi said that "the alleged content" of what was purported to be an FIAU draft working document was, at best, pure conjecture.

"Any report based on falsities and speculation cannot be anything but an irresponsible work of fiction. Any investigation would show that I received zero funds and I cannot envisage any honest report stating otherwise," he said.

Dr Mizzi added that he had previously complained of a coordinated smear campaign by Nationalist Party bloggers and sympathisers in the press.

"The same unproven PN allegations are evidently at the core of the draft report. It is clear that this campaign was coordinated with the writer of the draft report, and the report written to be eventually leaked.

"I note that the FIAU have officially denied and deplored Mr Casa’s allegations as irresponsible and untrue," the minister said.

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