The Malta Chamber of Commerce said this afternoon that leaving the country without a budget was 'the height of irresponsibility'.

In a statement, the Chamber said it was extremely worried about the consequences that would result should the budget not be approved in Parliament. "This uncertainty is and will continue to hurt the economy," it said.

"Leaving the country without a budget for reasons which have nothing to do with the budget itself is the height of irresponsibility."

It noted that there was general consensus amongst the social partners that the budget presented last week was an exercise that aimed to consolidate national finances. It was a budget that would support the private sector in its efforts to continue to create economic growth.

"It is normal within any democratic country that political differences arise and that political debates take place. This is the sign of a healthy democracy. The Malta Chamber however cannot accept that the wellbeing of the economy should be sacrificed for political gain. If the economy goes down, it is the whole country that suffers. If the economy goes down the first casualty will those people who will lose their jobs," it said.

"All politicians must be fully aware of this... Politicians on both sides of the political divide have very often professed to be guided by the national interest. Now is the time to show that this is indeed the case," the Chamber added.


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