Updated at 4pm: Adds PL statement

The Opposition leader will be suing the Attorney General after he failed to give him a full copy of the Egrant magisterial inquiry. 

Adrian Delia had already filed a judicial protest against the AG earlier in the week, giving him 24 hours to provide the full report. 

But the protest was met with silence, prompting the Nationalist Party to accuse him of creating a political imbalance since the government was in possession of a copy. 

"With every passing day we're seeing an imbalance favouring the government and the Labour Party," PN statement said. 

The AG's decision not to relay Magistrate Aaron Bugeja's inquiry was unjustified and went against the national interest and transparency. 

Joseph Muscat said he intended to publish the entire inquiry, making sure its publication did not intrude into the privacy of third parties, hinder investigations and possible proceedings.

The magisterial inquiry found there was no evidence linking Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, his wife Michelle or their family to secret Panama company Egrant Inc.

PL statement

In a statement, the Labour Party said it was a shame that Dr Delia did not want to understand that the Egrant inquiry report should not be subject to partisan politics.

But if he wanted to speak about political imbalance he should note this had only been with the Prime Minister and his family who were the victims of a frame up which, up to now, no one knew who organised it and how it happened.

As Dr Delia himself said, the conclusions were crystal clear and it was obvious that the rest of the report included material which led to these conclusions.

In fact, it would be better for Dr Delia to take up the matter with who was supposed to shoulder responsibility following these conclusions rather than with the Attorney General.

After all, the Prime Minister had declared more than once that he wanted a public inquiry, the PL said.


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