Diabetes patients need more community-based nurses, a better supply of continuous glucose monitors and more dietitians in clinics, the Nationalist Party believes.

Two of the PN’s MEP candidates, Francis Zammit Dimech and Michael Mercieca, joined MP Mario Galea at a press conference on Wednesday morning in which the party unveiled a document listing 20 proposals to improve diabetes-related services.

Proposals focus on improved medical services, better provision of diabetes-related medicines and equipment, more structured screening programmes and increased investment in research around the disease.

Opinion: Let's not sugar coat diabetes - Francis Zammit Dimech

Mr Galea said that the PN had long been calling on the government to provide continuous blood glucose monitors to diabetes patients. Although the government has pledged to give them to children living with the disease, this has yet to happen, he said.

Dr Zammit Dimech said it was crucial for Malta to create a register listing every single diabetic, which would allow medical professionals to take decisions based on comprehensive and correct information.

Mr Mercieca said the European Union could help Malta improve its healthcare standards, which is why PN MEP candidates are committed to sharing information among member states to improve healthcare across the EU.


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