According to Premier Joe, once the decision was there to be taken, then it had to be taken. He then reached into his pocket and, with a sneer, threw the dice down the table. On 4th June, we'll get to know if he's thrown snake-eyes or hit a natural, though since I don't know anything about craps (the dice game) I've no real idea what that means.

Be that as it may be, Premier Muscat has decided to take the country to the polls more than a year before he was obliged to, simply because he has started feeling the heat. His excuse, typically, was that everyone else is to blame and the country is destabilised and we're risking losing everything that Labour (he) has built for us.

This is disingenuousness of the first order.

It is not the country that is destabilised, it is Premier Joseph Muscat's perch on the seat of power. The country is getting along just fine, but the same can't be said of Premier Joe.

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He's embroiled in a scandal that has the potential to send him and his good buddies for a stint to the Corradino Hilton. It would make a change from that swish place in Dubai, anyway.

It's not us who are risking losing everything Premier Joe has created, either, it's he and his mates. The country will trundle along nicely, thank you very much. If what is being said about him and his missus and his Chief of Staff and his Minister-non-Minister is true, then losing plenty and much more is very much on the cards for him, however.

From the language used, I got the impression that Premier Muscat found himself impaled very much on the horns of a dilemma: does he let the gravy-train trundle on regardless, or does he go 'all-in', to use a different gambling term?

I have this funny feeling that he had no choice.

Given the speed with which his teflon coating has started to slough off over the last couple of weeks, I wonder whether he wouldn't have gone for a three-day campaign if he could, let alone thirty-three days.

It promises to be an interesting month.


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