Iniala5 Gallery in Mosta is currently hosting an art exhibition by artist George Muscat named Circulum.

The title of the exhibition can be considered as representative of Muscat’s continuous journey on a road of perpetual experimentation.

In recent years, Muscat has extended the circular form through the initial experimentation and representation of the female human form.

More recently, this has acquired a different artistic expression.

Whereas the first works were rounded bodies, some with voluminous breasts or bellies and others of leaner proportions, in all works, these figures were partly manipulated by the artist to give them his own stamp in their removal of limbs and with his trademark glazes.

The more recent examples, some of which are featured in this exhibition, depart from the perfection of the human body as we see it in real life. The human shapes are still identifiable but the bodies, males and females, are intertwined, disfigured and reassembled to Muscat’s own circular vision.

The exhibition runs until November 18 at Iniala5 Gallery, 5th April Street, Mosta.


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