A doctor diagnosed with muscular dystrophy has filed a judicial protest after claiming senior hospital colleagues manhandled him out of a room in front of his patients. 

Naged Megally, who pioneered the introduction of 4D ultrasound scanning in Malta, claims he was subjected to "humiliating and inhuman" treatment during an incident in July last year. 

His complaint was previously thrown out by an internal board of inquiry at Mater Dei.

The obstetrics and gynaecology specialist claims he was interrupted while examining patients at the Ultrasound Clinic by Professor Yves Muscat Baron. 

He told Dr Megally to “immediately” leave the room since he was taking too long at his task and the equipment was needed by another member of the medical team.

When Dr Megally firmly stood his ground, the professor and Mater Dei CEO Ivan Falzon physically carried Dr Megally to a chair outside the clinic, rather than wait for porters to help the specialist to his wheelchair.

All this was allegedly done in full view of his patients, Dr Megally claimed, adding that such “humiliating and inhuman” treatment was “illegal and abusive” and was evidently brought about by his physical disability.

Dr Megally’s lawyers told the court that he enjoyed an excellent reputation and was highly esteemed by patients and colleagues alike.

Following the alleged incident, Dr Megally claimed that he was threatened with dismissal unless he followed Mr Falzon's orders and that information would be published to tarnish his reputation. 

Dr Megally then complained to the Health Minister, requesting an inquiry.

However the Board of Inquiry stating that although Professor Muscat Baron’s manner may have been “coarse and bristly”, the whole incident was due to Dr Megally’s “heightened sensitivities” about his disability.

No copy of the inquiry report was made available to the doctor in spite of repeated requests, he claimed. Moreover, the protesting party expressed doubts about the independence and impartiality of the board.

In the light of all this, he filed the protest requesting a copy of the report, an adequate remedy as well as damages for the alleged abuse suffered on account of his disability. 

The act was filed against the Health Minister, Mater Dei CEO, Professor Muscat Baron, Dr Walter Busuttil and three members of the Inquiry Board Prof. Charles Savona Ventura, Prof. Raymond P. Galea and Albert P. Scerri.

Lawyers Jonathan Thompson and Ryan Falzon signed the protest.

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