A disaster recovery site is simply a back-up or recovery site where an organisation of any size can relocate to following a disaster situation at the main office. This forms part of an organisation’s business continuity plan.

At BOSI (Business Office Services International) Malta, the service offering extends to providing disaster recovery sites, a requirement for regulated entities not limited to just those companies operating within the financial services or gaming operations.

Clients can rely on BOSI Malta’s expertise and infrastructure to benefit from reliable and continuity solutions. Clients include insurance companies, banks, financial institutions, asset management companies and more.

For a small monthly fee companies can continue to run smoothly with no downtime, should an incident occur which would make a company’s main office unavailable. Above all, this offers continual peace of mind for a company and its team.

Offers continual peace of mind

“Alternative disaster recovery site is essential to RCI as it allows the company to continue with its most critical business functions, which are highlighted through the risk matrix and the business continuity plan,” said RCI Insurance chief information officer Umberto D’Amico.

“A nightmare scenario would be that in which none of the critical business functions would be able to be performed both either locally or substituted through our external outsourced service providers for a period longer than 24 hours.

“By choosing BOSI’s services, we are able to continue our critical business functions and also cater for any function that is not critical by working from home. Moreover, all our state-of-the-art IT equipment and security is replicated giving added efficiency in times of a significant business disruption. As we are part of RCI Bank and Services Group, overseen by the ECB itself, we are required to abide by strict BCP regulations including those of the BS31100 and the ISO 31000 (Risk Management). We test the DRP and the BCP annually and we are happy to say that we achieved a full test score. We are also able to replicate our critical functions and be up and running within half an hour to one hour at the latest,” he added.

“I would definitely recommend a DRS to other companies, especially when it’s a regulatory requirement for most – if not all – financial service providers under the banking legislation and the investment services implementing procedures. Insurance is not a regulatory requirement, however, but it is most certainly part of good governance.”

For more information e-mail frontdesk@boservices.com.mt or call 9900 4016. BOSI Malta is at Vision Exchange Building, Territorials Street, Mriehel.


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