Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar is this evening organising a historical/cultural tour of Vittoriosa, led by researcher Vincent Zammit.

The tour will bring the medieval city’s streets to life, with stories of ruffians, heroes and ghosts, the protagonists of murders, hangings and duels providing a fascinating insight of the ‘Borgo’, Malta’s citadel by the sea.

Participants will walk along Vittoriosa’s bastion walls and winding streets, which are full of hidden nooks and little-known stories, starting from the time of Malta’s medieval overlords to the first years of the Knights of St John, and later periods.

The FAA historical/cultural tour of Vittoriosa will be held today. It starts from the city’s Couvre Porte – the first of its three main gates – at 6.45pm. For tickets, visit https://ticketengine.faa.org.mt .


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