The increasingly popular $5 blackjack tables enjoyed much fanfare and allowed inexperienced players to hone their skills. For others, it was simply a means to extend their bankroll so that they could play for longer, while some players were happy to grind a cheap table while enjoying complimentary drinks.

As time passed, casinos replaced several $5 blackjack tables with $10 and $15 tables. But that wasn’t the last of it – casinos also introduced worse odds and new rules that hampered players. Players were left roaming casino floors in search of their beloved tables – they wanted their tables back.

It certainly appears that $5 blackjack is a rarity these days as blackjack forums are abuzz with questions about these elusive tables. Some queries about the loss of these tables span back a decade.

Fortunately, there are still $5 tables to be found for those willing to explore the abundant casinos located in Las Vegas. Most visitors frequent the Vegas Strip and downtown Las Vegas. Naturally, more visitors head over to the Vegas Strip as there are more than double the number of casinos compared to downtown Las Vegas. Both areas boast a similar number of blackjack games with a low house advantage for under $25. There are still casinos on the Strip that offer good, low-limit games but not nearly as one would hope.

But if you’re not quite ready to jostle for a seat at one of these tables, it’s best to venture to downtown Las Vegas where you’ll find fewer tourists all looking for the same thing. 

One of the most significant disadvantages of playing at a low-limit table is that one will often find a rule change that sees players being paid 6:5 on blackjack instead of 3:2. Initially, players may not be too concerned, but it certainly adds up.

This rule means that a $10 blackjack will pay $12 instead of $15. Initially, only single-deck blackjack tables saw this change, but it soon appeared in double deck and shoe games. The rule was detrimental to single-deck blackjack as it added 1.39 per cent to the house edge, and it soon disappeared from the Vegas Strip.

Nowadays, you find $5 blackjack at a few select casinos in Vegas, with many offering the low-limit during quieter times of the day. On the Vegas Strip are Bally’s, Casino Royale, Circus Circus, Excalibur, New York, New York, Stratosphere, and Tropicana. And downtown Vegas one can find 4 Queens, Binions, California, Downtown Grand, El Cortez, Fremont, Golden Gate, Golden Nugget, Main Street Station, Plaza, and The D.

As soon as you venture out of these areas, you’ll find more of these tables at local markets, with up to 30 casinos boasting minimum bets of $5.

Players in New Jersey can also look forward to some casinos offering these tables, with Atlantic City being a prominent blackjack destination. Players across Europe and the UK are sure to find tables if they look long enough, but many players have opted to turn their attention to live online blackjack. Playing blackjack at an online casino affords players the opportunity of playing at low-limit tables, with many casinos offering minimum bets well below $5.
Blackjack players that sought out low-limit tables for practice will surely be thrilled that they also have the chance to play blackjack for free at many of the top online casinos. Other than that, the vast majority of online casinos offer competitive bonuses that players can use on table games such as online blackjack.

It seems that the logical next step to finding $5 tables that are becoming more and more elusive by the year is to consider their online counterpart. Not only will players experience more comfort and accessibility when playing blackjack online, but they’ll also be able to choose from an extensive range of blackjack variants, improved odds, and be able to enjoy exclusive bonuses, promotions, and loyalty points.

About the author: Hein Sondag

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