Noah’s Ark dog sanctuary is making an urgent appeal to replace an ageing van that serves as the rescue centre’s animal ambulance. 

The van, a white Peugeot Partner that has been in use for 12 years, frequently needs repairs, leaving the charity with costly bills that it says are no longer feasible.

The sanctuary is appealing to the public for help in the hope that a replacement vehicle can be donated, preferably a second-hand van in reasonably good condition with working air conditioning. 

The ambulance is mainly used to transport animals to the vet and to pick up stray dogs which are reported to the sanctuary and cannot be dropped off. 

“We are literally begging,” a Noah’s Ark volunteer told Times of Malta.

The volunteer said the sanctuary had its hands full ferrying dogs to and from the vet. 

Air conditioning is required to combat the high temperatures that would otherwise make the trip unbearable for the dogs at the back of the van.

Last week, the sanctuary took in a pair of dogs infested with thousands of ticks, one of which developed anaemia due to blood loss and is undergoing medical supervision. 

The other dog is expecting puppies and is waiting to be homed after giving birth.

Noah’s Ark responds to about six calls of abandoned dogs every week, apart from the scores that are dropped on its doorstep every month.

The sanctuary currently homes several dogs which are available for adoption, including five-month-old boxer mix puppies Tom, Dick and Harry.