The vast majority of the media have taken the PN government's side on the Sea Malta saga. They seem not to have cared about a vital point: did Sea Malta employees, as employees of a parastatal company, have a right to alternative employment with the government if Sea Malta was restructured, privatised or wound up, just like workers in other parastatal companies like PBS were offered?

If they had such a right, then the government should have offered it to them right from the very start of negotiations, and the saga would not have ended as it did - most probably as the government wanted it to end.

If, on the other hand, Sea Malta workers had no right to alternative employment with the government or some other government-owned entity (if there are any left!) how is it then that the government has accepted to take on ex-Sea Malta employees but not those who have lost their job in other sectors?

It is a shame that workers are made to go down on their knees and leave their trade union to get a job.

I quite remember the prime minister saying during the Zejtun and Marsa council elections, when the PN withdrew most of its candidates so that no election was held in those localities, that "the PN does everything with a plan".

He kept his word on the Sea Malta issue!

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