The Small Claims Tribunal has ordered Balzan local council to pay a woman €180 after one of her car's tyres was destroyed when she drove into a deep pothole.

The tribunal heard how the incident happened on January 16 last year at about 8 p.m. when Henrietta Bianchi was driving her Volvo from Iklin towards Balzan.

As she rounded a corner from Balzan Valley, on entering Balzan, she drove into a pothole which was full of rainwater. The tyre deflated and needed to be replaced.

Balzan Council pleaded that it would prove that it had done what it could to ensure that no vehicles were damaged. However during the proceedings no one from the council turned up to present any evidence.

The tribunal said it was one of the main roles of local councils to maintain the roads, something which Balzan council had clearly failed to do in this case. Furthermore no warning signs had been placed near the pothole.

The council therefore ordered the council to pay Mrs Bianchi €180, with interest.

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