Nationalist exponents who made certain declarations and are uncomfortable working for the party and with Adrian Delia will leave of their own accord, the leadership contender believes.

“If I am elected leader, all those who really want to contribute to the party will remain there. All those who are uncomfortable (with me) and working for their own interests will leave of their own volition,” Dr Delia tells Times Talk.

Dr Delia is up against Chris Said to replace Simon Busuttil at the helm of the PN following the heavy June 3 electoral defeat.

In one of his last interviews before Saturday's contest, Dr Delia says that under his leadership there would be plenty of room for those voices stifled by the PN “establishment”.

Many supporters have a “historic chance” of having their voice heard in the PN, and of seeing the back of the few who have remained in their posts against people’s wishes, said Dr Delia, who would not, however, name any individuals.

Dr Delia, who has been in the line of fire for his past business dealings, especially from blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia, says he had nothing to hide. Asked whether such allegations could potentially give Labour a free ride should he be elected, he replied:

“If the PL wants to speak about this fiction, this spin for the next five years, then I’m going to enjoy the next five years of attacks against me,” he tells online editor Herman Grech.

While strongly rejecting claims that he had any bodyguards, he says it is unacceptable that people are averse to criticising and reining in those trying to cast a shadow over every private person who has a political opinion.

“It’s amazing the extreme titles I’ve been given. I’ve been called a millionaire who’s amassed vast amounts of wealth, a person in debt who’s trying to get into the party to solve his financial problems; an ultra-conservative and a drug trafficker. The rainbow mix of criticism is fascinating."

The interview was filmed on Monday morning


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