A violent family argument, apparently sparked off by a man’s drug problem, landed the latter in court where he was granted bail pending judgment, while being banned from approaching his near relatives.

Neville Abela, a 32-year old from Marsa, admitted upon his arraignment to two separate episodes of violence against his father and brother which occurred inside the family home over the past days.

In the earlier episode last Sunday, the man admitted to threatening his father, causing him to fear violence and also to breaching the peace.

The second argument broke out on Tuesday when the accused threatened to throw a glass ashtray at his brother and smashed a TV set.

The man was also charged with having committed the offences while under a Probation Order handed down last month.

After explaining at length the significance of his wrongdoing in terms of the legal consequences he would have to shoulder, presiding magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras upheld the request by the defence for a pre-sentencing report.

A request for bail pending sentencing was also upheld, after a lengthy consultation to ensure that the accused had a suitable fixed address, against a personal guarantee of €5,500, an order to sign the bail book three times a week and a 9pm curfew.

The court also issued a Protection Order in respect of the accused’s father and brother, while placing the man under a temporary Supervision Order to ensure that he would be monitored.

The accused was further ordered not to approach his family and their home, refraining from any manner of communication.

“I shall do my utmost to help you, but you must do your part too,” the magistrate warned.

Inspectors Stacy Attard and Wayne Camilleri prosecuted.
Lawyer Ismael Psaila was legal aid counsel.