A 91.7 per cent turnout has been registered among early voters.

Speaking during a media briefing, Electoral Commission officials said 4,173 of the 4,250 eligible advanced voters cast their ballots.

A further 3,384 of 3,991 people living in old people’s homes and St Vincent de Paule’s also cast their vote early.

There are 341,856 registered voters for the general election, 172,504 female and 169,352 male.

Up until last night, 10,361 voting documents had not been picked up from the Naxxar Counting Hall.

Turnout statistics on polling day will be gathered and transmitted to the Electoral Commission via mobile devices at 2pm and 10pm.

Steps had been taken to mitigate the possibility of any mistakes in the counting process as witnessed during the 2013 general election.

The mistake led to a lengthy court battle after which the PN was granted two extra seats in Parliament.

The counting process on each district will be monitored live by Electoral Commission staff through CCTV cameras.

This will be the last time votes were counted manually, the Electoral Commission said.

New vote-counting machines would allow for votes to be processed on each district in a mere 35 seconds.

Electronic counting will be used during the 2019 MEP and local council elections.


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