The fourth edition of the  Week of Italian Cuisine in the World is taking place in Valletta from today until Sunday.

With this year’s theme being‘Food Education: The Culture of Taste’, the initiative aims to promote Italian quality cuisine and Italian agri-food products abroad. It, therefore, intends to safeguard the Italian culinary tradition and promote a healthy lifestyle based on the Mediterranean diet, following the legacy of Expo Milano 2015.

The project is conceived and coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in collaboration with other Italian ministries (MiSE, MPAAF, MIUR and MiBACT) and the main bodies, associations and institutions which represent Italy and Italian cuisine in the world.

In Malta the initiatives are carried out in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Malta, Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) Valletta, Italian Academy of Cuisine|Malta Delegation, Club Malta|Italian Sommelier Association, La Scatola Magica and Malta Food Safety Commission.


Today at the Italian Cultural Institute at 6.30pm

Music and dances at the time of Leonardo

The event also includes the performance of two historical curiosities: da Vinci’s musical Rebus and a reconstructed dance using the melody uncovered by G.M. Pala from the Last Supper painting.

The event is organised in collaboration with La Rossignol group. Entrance is free, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Today at the Casino Maltese at 8.30pm

Dinner in the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci

History and cuisine is a winning combination which here involves the legendary artist Leonardo da Vinci and gives us the unique opportunity to travel back in time.

During the evening, music and dance are performed by the La Rossignol group.

The event is organised by the Italian Academy of Cuisine ‒ Malta Delegation in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute. Entrance with a fee. For reservations, e-mail

Tomorrow at the Italian Cultural Institute at 6.30pm

Food quality and safety in Italy

Agostino Macrì, expert in issues on food safety and public health, is holding a conference on food quality and safety in Italy.

Primary producers (farmers and breeders) and processors (food industries, artisans and restaurateurs) follow “procedural guidelines” deriving from the community regulations able to prevent hazards and guarantee an optimal quality.

The conference, in Italian and English, is being organised by the Italian Cultural Institute in collaboration with Malta Food Safety Commission. Entrance is free, on a first-come, first-served basis.

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