Education Minister Evarist Bartolo on Tuesday appealed for reason and respect to overcome passion and hatred.

In his daily writings on Facebook, the minister said he was being approached by people of all political beliefs who were worried that more and bigger trouble will be facing the country.

The minister said the country was going through a dangerous and delicate time where the common good needed to win. There had to be reason and respect rather than passion and hatred, calm instead of violence, patriotism instead of partisanship and egoism.

Justice could be done without the destruction of a people and a country.

Everyone’s duty was to do their part for the country not to be destroyed. The Maltese national anthem, he said, had to be lived.

In a tweet, former Prime Minister Alfred Sant, now an MEP, said that interest in Malta from abroad has been for the wrong reasons in last weeks.

"We must concentrate on changing the focus back to the right reasons."

Protesters are currently holding daily demonstrations demanding the Prime Minister to take responsibility for the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

On Monday they blocked MPs from leaving parliament trapping MPs for about two hours behind the barricades between Freedom Square and Ordnance Street. 

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