The knights, and their enduring and iconic symbol, have lately been in the news. The market (il-Monti) with its underwear and cheap ware and its suitability, or not, next to Piano’s new entrance and Parliament was discussed in debilitating depth.

But while the knights of olde were hardly good, the new Muscateers surely, and soundly, beat them at all they ever did.

The eight points of the Maltese cross used to have  special significance, symbolising points of reference.

As with all things modern and liberal, these points have been given a most progressive upgrading to fit in with the new Tagħna Lkoll mandra:

  1. To live in truth as long as it suits us.
  2. To have faith in spin ever after.
  3. To repent of one’s sins and blame them all on youth, inexperience and silly mistakes.
  4. To give proof of humility we will embrace each crook, each wrong-doer as long as they promise allegiance to the Labour Movement.
  5. To love justice by rewarding all the ones who promised allegiance and to render to all the forsaken party faithful a piece of the action after spending so long out in the wilderness.
  6. To be merciful and even forgiving of all the sins committed and promises broken in the name of the party in power and its fatithful followers.
  7. To be sincere and wholehearted in blaming all the ills and all that is wrong on the PN while still in power.
  8. To endure persecution by commentators, bloggers and all critics of the Partit Laburista, Malta’s new and glorious masters.



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