More than 500 employees are currently living with elderly residents in the eight facilities operated by CareMalta.

Many have moved into the homes with their children or entire families. 

Visits to residents at these homes have been completely halted as a precaution to halt the spread of the novel coronavirus. Visits had previously been restricted. 

Employees had moved into the homes to ensure they can continue to care for residents while providing them with company. 

Elderly people are especially vulnerable to the coronavirus, COVID-19, and authorities have warned people to avoid visiting elderly relatives as much as possible. 

A moment of relaxation for one of the workers.

Moving in

CareMalta said it was difficult to organise the sudden shift of home for many employees, some of whom had even moved in with their children. 

However, the various teams within each respective home for the elderly are now settling in nicely with the residents and have established a daily routine to create a varied lifestyle for the coming days.

Employees are giving their all to ensure life within the homes remains a homely one, with no repercussions and troubles. They are also doing their part and more out of their own free will.

Residents can take part in indoor activities ranging from physical exercises to music, as well as one-to-one sessions with those elderly needing extra care.

They can also from time to time also speak to their loved ones via Skype. 

A number of drop-offs of goods by relatives are also organised as a way of keeping in touch. These goods are left outside each respective facility by relatives and are disinfected before taken in the homes.

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