David Casa, the Nationalist MEP who mostly tried to give a bad name to our country in EU institutions, has appealed to the court not to continue hearing the libel cases filed against him until the European Parliament elections are over on May 25.

To me and, I believe, to many thousands of other voters, including many PN ones, the reason for his appeal is one: he does not want to be declared by the court as having lied against Labour MEP Marlene Mizzi, to mention just one case. Casa knows that his MEP seat is hanging by a very thin thread and any more negative news in his regard can only make his re-election even less possible.

The most serious allegations I can remember being made against a standing politician, besides the ‘Egrant’ allegation against the Prime Minister’s family, was that made by a former close aide of Casa. This still unnamed ‘whistleblower’ had alleged in a sworn affidavit that Casa used to buy cocaine and share it with his close friends at two hotels in Malta, in the presence of the whistleblower.

Casa denied the allegations but he has not tried to clear his name by taking legal action against the whistleblower.

No wonder many PN voters believe Casa’s days in the European Parliament are numbered.


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