It is glaringly obvious that the Nationalist Party’s strategy in this election is to play down the importance of the result that will be announced on Sunday in order to try and save Adrian Delia, together with his close associates, from being ousted from their positions.

The PN under Lawrence Gonzi had tried this same tactic of not fielding enough candidates to stop a local council election, in Marsa and Żejtun. Only, this time, the PN under Delia’s nonsensical leadership, has upped the ante by 10 times in 21 localities, which they believe they had no chance of winning. This comes after Delia had already claimed the PN was not really interested in winning this election since his goal is the general election in 2022.

We sometimes hear PN exponents boasting that it was a Nationalist government that had introduced local councils. Quite true. But it has also been the PN that has tried to undermine local council elections by such dirty tricks.

So the vast majority of voters have now another very valid reason to go out and vote on Saturday, to give Delia and his politically-desperate associates, a deserved lesson they will never forget.