People must not for the “trap” that Labour was going to win next week’s general election as the election result was not a foregone conclusion, Prime Minister Robert Abela insisted on Friday.

Speaking to the party faithful in Fgura, a Labour fortress, Abela specifically addressed those who had decided not to cast their vote this election, telling them to weigh their decision as it could give the opposition the opportunity to govern and turn back time.

"Do not fall for the trap that Labour is going to win and that the election result is a foregone conclusion," he warned. 

Those who decided to stay at home must not forget who was with them, by their side, during the past two difficult years brought about by the pandemic, he said.

Times of Malta reported on Friday that more than 37,000 voting documents have yet to be collected, with just one week to go until the general election.

Abela said the opposition was being led by PN MPs Beppe Fenech Adami, Jason Azzopardi, Karol Aquilina and David Agius. He said that when the Nationalist Party had won the election with just 1,500 votes in 2008, they were taken over by arrogance.

“Ask yourselves who was by your side in the last two years. Help us build on what we achieved. Imagine what more we can do if we are given a new mandate. What we achieved so far is just the beginning. We have a clear plan on where we want to take the country,” he said.

“We aim to carry out the biggest environment project with an investment of €700 million over seven years, will reduce taxes for workers and businesses, we will increase pensions and assist first-time buyers. These are just a few of the 1,000 proposals which cover all sectors of the Maltese society and economy and with your vote, they will become 1,000 achievements,” Abela said.

“The March 26 election is the only survey that counts,” he added.

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