Controversial TV presenter Emmy Bezzina will be hosting a no-holds-barred, adults only live show at the University of Malta on March 19.

Dr Bezzina, famous for his colourful outbursts when contacted live on air by “idiotic” viewers, is promising a celebration of free speech during his show.

Unfortunately, the show has already started off on a slightly sour note with Dr Bezzina expressing disappointment at the €10 admission fee. “That is a bit cheap. It should have at least been €1,000”, he joked when contacted by the Times of Malta.

The show is being promoted by its organisers as an opportunity for people to ask questions and receive replies in Dr Bezzina’s “unique style.” Dr Bezzina insisted he had nothing to do with the actual organisation of the show.

Asked what his plans for the show are, Dr Bezzina replied that “divinities” such as himself tended to live for the moment and improvise. “There is no plan. We will see where the discussion goes.

“This will be an hour-and-half celebration of free speech without any intermission.”

There is no plan. We will see where the discussion goes

The TV presenter has promised that anyone trying to intentionally disrupt the show would be dealt with swiftly. “There will be people dressed in the appropriate manner to handle anyone who tries to interrupt the show,” he said.

Ever the lawyer, Dr Bezzina deftly side-stepped a request for a complimentary ticket to his show.

“That is a very good idea, I will ask the organisers. I do not want to have to pay to enter for my own show,” he quipped.

Dr Bezzina was the subject of a probe by the Broadcasting Authority after calling one of his viewers “an onion marinated in mice droppings”. He also invited a viewer who criticised him on air to jump off Dingli cliffs with a noose attached to his neck.

Dr Bezzina said the broadcasting watchdog probe was blown out of proportion and the matter was ultimately resolved amicably.

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