Opposition leader Adrian Delia's legal bid to be given a fully copy of the Egrant inquiry is nearing an end.

When the case was called on Monday morning, Dr Delia's lawyer Vincent Galea, informed the court that the applicant had no further evidence to put forward.

Likewise, AG lawyer Victoria Buttigieg said that the respondent had no further witnesses to summon.

In the light of this information, Mr Justice Robert Mangion, presiding over the constitutional proceedings, granted the applicant two weeks within which to file his written submissions and a further two weeks for the AG to file his note of reply.

Final oral submissions will then be made during the next sitting, scheduled for March.

Dr Delia had filed a legal challenge to the Attorney General's decision to deny him a copy of the magisterial inquiry into the mystery Panama company, which was conducted by magistrate Aaron Bugeja.

Rather than the full 1,500-page report, Dr Delia was only given access to the 50-odd pages from the its conclusions which were made public. This, he said, violated his rights as Opposition Leader.

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