Enemed marked another important milestone and goal in its objective to improve and embrace motorsports in Malta by signing a three-year sponsorship agreement with the Malta Drag Racing Association (MDRA). Enemed chairman Kevin Chircop said: “From its inception three years ago, Enemed’s purpose has always been based on increasing the level and potential of its industry. In line with this strategy, we have always strived to be one of the prime contributors to Maltese motorsport organisations. We have done it with powerboating, hill climb races and drifting competitions, and we will continue doing it with MDRA.

“We feel that for MDRA, one of the main founders of motorsports in Malta, it is about time that they take the leap and continue striving for success. Unfortunately for these organisations, support is not an easy thing to acquire.”

He said: “The scope behind our contractual agreement which spans over three years, is based on our belief that instead of providing the organisation with a one-time lump sum, we will be supporting the organisation for a longer time. We will be providing these organisations with a stable stepping stone and giving them the opportunity to up their game and eventually attain the interest of other sponsors that will help the industry.”

Charles Camilleri from the MDRA committee had words of praise for Enemed, saying: “We would like to thank Enemed and Mr Chircop for their generosity and support. It has been a pleasure to  discuss the motorsport industry with someone who keeps an open mind and believes in the potential we possess. Through this sponsorship we will be able to develop the MDRA, increasing safety procedures, and continue to grow and succeed, even internationally.


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