GO has kicked off the first phase of an important TV migration exercise which will see thousands of customers wake up to a totally enhanced user experience.

This enhanced experience starts with a fresh new TV home screen featuring a more user-friendly layout which is predominantly image driven. It provides immediate access to customers’ favourite TV content from one simple screen.

This development is being undertaken by GO in a bid to deliver an enhanced customer experience and to give customers more content at their fingertips.

“For the past year, our engineers have worked round the clock to deliver a whole new TV experience for our customers,” said GO CEO Nikhil Patil.

“Our focus has remained that of connecting people to the content they love, and what better way of doing this than investing in our systems to deliver a platform that can support increased interactivity, push content based on users’ preferences, and which can also deliver TV content over mobile devices at the click of a button. What’s even better is that we have replicated this experience on our TV Anywhere App that allows our customers to enjoy their most favourite TV content outside the comfort of their home, without consuming data from their bundle.”

Chris Attard, senior manager, TV Systems at GO, explained that GO has been simultaneously managing two TV networks for a number of years. Its digital terrestrial network, more commonly known as DTTV, will be slowly phased out over the coming year, but through further investment, its IPTV network, branded GO interactive TV, will continue to deliver rich content to esteemed customers by means of this latest upgrade.

“TV technology is a fast-changing game and we felt that now is the right time to reinvent ourselves, invest and re-confirm GO as the TV leader in Malta,” he explained.

The main features offered by GO’s IPTV platform remain centred on interactivity such as programme restart, pause-live capabilities and a network DVR, which means that customers can record multiple channels at the same time, among a host of other enriched features.

“We have been listening to our customers to understand what they want and how best they want our product delivered. Of course, this would never have been possible without GO’s heavy investment in true fibre technology which enables ultra-speeds and reliability, as well as 4G network which adds the portability aspect,” said Mr Patil.

“Now with the network enablers in place, we can push the next generation applications to our customers, starting from a rich TV experience in terms of choice of content, modern environment and content quality. Indeed, I can safely say that when it comes to features and functionality, GO has the edge and remains unrivalled in its service offering,” he added.

This upgrade will be undertaken over the course of a number of weeks. Customers will be upgraded in difference phases in order to ensure as smooth a migration as possible and will be notified in advance of their respective migration dates.

For further information on this new TV experience, visit www.go.com.mt/gotv.

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