Environment Minister José Herrera has asked the Environment Authority (ERA) to review the current Fuel Stations Policy and propose revisions to the Planning Authority’s executive council.

In a statement, the Environment Ministry said Dr Herrera had noted comments by NGOs about the recent approvals for the development of fuel service stations.

"Whilst noting that many of the (development) proposals were in line with the policy, these could be objectionable because of the significant concern regarding the cumulative environmental impact caused by the policy framework for fuel service stations," the ministry said. 

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The minister therefore asked ERA to review the policy policy in the next two months and propose those revisions that deem appropriate to reflect the  challenges and burden such developments are posing on agricultural, or ecologically important land. 

"The minister reiterates that the positive intention of the current policy, that of placing human safety first through the relocation of Fuel stations away from the residential areas, was a step in the right direction. However, the current situation needs to be put into perspective and believes this position is to be re-addressed," the ministry said. 


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