Divisiveness in politics, religion and ethics have never been as manifest and abysmal in Malta as at present. Just have a look at the messages on Facebook whenever there is a thorny issue and you will come across a hate campaign beyond belief. Besides, the moral decay has lately assumed gigantic proportions.

Considering we have a Christian heritage dating back two millenniums, it is indeed disturbing that all this is being dismantled nonchalantly without realising its damaging effect on the welfare of the local inhabitants. Someone said that the more church pews are empty, the more the prison population increases.

There is no time to lose because Malta risks seeing its ethical standards go into an irreversible downward slide.

I would like to see Malta embracing Jesus and Mary and the red of our love towards our neighbour and the white of our faithfulness towards God and His Church would continue to weave the colours of our national flag.

Is there a more encouraging clarion call than Jesus? “I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners” Mark 2:17.


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