The World Cup began with a Europhobic tone.

In his speech, Fifa president Gianni Infantino attacked Europe. He accused its representatives of arrogance and double standards, self-centredness – and Eurocentrism.

He overlooked one point: the centre of football is indeed in Europe, historically, culturally, economically, sportingly. Only in Europe is it possible to have a great career in top-level football.

Europe dominates contemporary football.

In the competition between nations, it is clearer than ever. The last time the decisive match of a World Cup was played without European participation was three-quarters of a century ago.

The last four world champions are Italy, Spain, Germany and France, and three of their four opponents in the final came from Europe. In 2006 and 2018, the semi-finalists were all European.

The dominance in club football is even clearer.

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