Michela Pace did not seem fazed to be the first singer to perform during Saturday's Eurovision Song Contest final in Tel Aviv, putting on a high-energy performance that delighted fans in living rooms across Malta and Gozo. 

But what did the internet make of the 18-year-old Gozitan and her song Chameleon?

For many people on Twitter, the upbeat track was the perfect start to the show. 


Others, though, seemed slightly confused by the song's genre - or is it genres? - and busy stage. 


That colourful backdrop, though, seemed to be a hit with at least one younger Eurovision viewer. 


Another managed to wedge in a Game of Thrones reference.  


No televised contest would be complete without its share of sartorial critics, of course. The Eurovision Song Contest's global audience of 200-odd million featured a few who were not quite sold on Michela's wardrobe decisions. 

The award for Malta-related tweet of the evening, though, went to an Italian man who managed to fuse references to the country's Sardinian-Egyptian singer, and Mediterranean migration policy tensions into 60-odd characters.

"I tried phoning in to vote for Mahmood, wrote @maurizioneri79, "but they told me 'call Malta'". 

Correction May 19: A previous version incorrectly stated that Italy's Mahmood is Muslim. 


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