Our vision is to create an ideal environment that offers a high-quality lifestyle and an excellent space to do business, says Peter Diacono, Pendergardens CEO.

The local economy is performing well, especially in the financial services, real estate and ICT sectors. Is this growth being translated into greater demand for office space?

Yes, presently we are witnessing a sharp increase in demand for office space from these sectors, as well as from others such as iGaming and other local and foreign companies looking to relocate or open up a business in Malta.

Companies have started realising the benefits of being based in a central location, having state-of-the-art workspace and being surrounded by all the necessary amenities.

The days when one rented an apartment, showroom or the likes and converted them into offices are over. In the last few years we have seen that the demand is for quality, bespoke offices with all the modern infrastructure in place to be able to compete globally. This is why the offices at Pendergardens Towers will feature a manned reception area at St Andrew’s Road, three dedicated elevators, raised flooring, suspended false ceilings, exceptional infrastructure and a dedicated plant area at each floor. These combined features are designed to give maximum flexibility to the tenant.

Malta is attractive not only as a business destination but also as a country which offers a high quality lifestyle. How does Pendergardens combine both qualities?

Pendergardens is a mixed use development site. We offer a complete package which consists of luxury residencies, retail spaces and office spaces all situated within walking distance of each other. With all 150 apartments in the first phase sold, and 85 per cent of the 46 apartments in block 16 sold before completion, we are now looking forward to complete the project with the remaining apartments in block 17 and the Towers and also the commercial area. This will consist of over 5,000m2 of office space, a retail area which will include a supermarket, a wellness centre with an outdoor pool and deck and ample car parking spaces in both the residential and public car park. Consequently, this makes Pendergardens the perfect place to live, relax and work.

The demand is for quality, bespoke offices with all the modern infrastructure in place to be able to compete globally

This is exactly why from the very start of the project, the slogan of Pendergardens was “everything surrounds you”. This is the result of the company’s vision to create an environment which would be ideal for those who are looking for a combination of both a high quality lifestyle and a place to do business.

From left: Karl Gauci, sales and marketing executive, Michael De Maria, sales and marketing manager, and Peter Diacono, CEO, Pendergardens.From left: Karl Gauci, sales and marketing executive, Michael De Maria, sales and marketing manager, and Peter Diacono, CEO, Pendergardens.

Real estate is all about location. Does this also apply to office space?

Location is extremely important for any company’s profile. It is equally important for office personnel and their clients. Pendergardens promises just that: a central, highly sought after location in the proximity of Regional Road with easy access to the underlying car park, combined with spacious, bright and contemporary offices that are excellent for a dynamic, fast-paced business environment.

Pendergardens is also located in Malta’s main entertainment and business hubs and is surrounded by all the ancillary facilities needed by businesses or employees, including some of Malta’s finest restaurants and hotels. All this, together with the landscaping and the upgrading of St Andrew's Road will certainly improve the traffic flow to the centre of St Julian's and add to the appeal of an office at Pendergardens.

Office space should guarantee productivity and efficiency as well as staff well-being. What makes Pendergardens an ideal location for both work and play?

Pendergardens offers an idyllic location for both businesses and employees. Working at Pendergardens Towers will increase productivity and employee satisfaction as the surrounding environment is buzzing and offers facilities such as numerous cafes and eateries and the convenience of a supermarket, retail outlets and a wellness centre all situated at Pendergardens. While a relaxed working environment is essential we have taken the necessary measures to ensure unobtrusive access control to all office levels.

Are office spaces available for both SMEs and larger organisations?

There could be one office of approximately 680m2 per floor, or an office spread over multiple floors. Our standard layout will be four offices per floor each of around 170m2. We have however designed each floor to allow a set-up of more but smaller units. This flexibility will certainly be attractive to both SMEs and larger organisations. All tenants can benefit from a shared meeting room and facilities, managed by the concierge, situated at the lobby level.

When will the Pendergardens office space be complete?

The office space will be completed in the second quarter of 2018 together with the 30 luxury apartments on the higher levels of the towers T1 and T2, block 17 and the remaining commercial units. However, we are already accepting expressions of interest.


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