The shameful reaction of Simon Busuttil and David Casa, following the constitutional court’s decision to deny Adrian Delia a copy of the Egrant inquiry report by former magistrate, now Judge Aaron Bugeja, was to expected.

These two extremely bitter people only believe in the ‘rule of law’ when the court’s decisions are in line with their wishes. If not, as was this case, they vent their frustration by casting doubts on the judge or magistrate who hands down a sentence which does not grant them their expectations.

While Casa interpreted the court’s decision as proof that the government had somehow hijacked Malta’s institutions (in this case even the court), Busuttil vented his political vitriol against the Prime Minister by asking Joseph Muscat “to stop playing the role of the victim” in the Egrant frame-up attempt, in which the same Busuttil had played such an important part.

And yet, the PM’s reaction, especially to Busuttil’s shameless comment, was that he wished the best of health and happiness to Busuttil and his family, while also wishing that Busuttil “will never go through half of what I have been through”, ended Dr Muscat.

May the PM’s words serve asan example to all politicians, especially those who aspire to lead our country.


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