Ġebla – Paintings from the Rock is a joint exhibition by contemporary Malta-based artists Andrew Borg and Rune Bo Jakobsen from Denmark. Malta, which is affectionately referred to as ‘The Rock’, is the subject of this collection of recent city and landscape paintings by these two fine artists.

Rock is the stuff of which Malta is made. It’s under our feet as we walk and our homes are made from it. It supports, shelters and protects Malta’s people in its distinctive architecture and defines the natural landscape in the unifying and harmonious palette synonymous with this beautiful country.

The exhibition is meant to bring people together to admire the beauty of the rock through the eyes of the artists.

The exhibition, which will run until January 6, is on display at Allura – Malta Open Art Studios, 37-38, Old Treasury Street, Valletta. For more information, call Laura Swale on 9958 3389 or e-mail info@allura.com.mt or visit http://www.andrewborg.com/ or http://runejako.com/ .