Q: I have purchased a full bathroom set including tiles from a local supplier for €7,000. The bathroom set had two types of tiles. Upon order I agreed with the seller to order two extra boxes of each type of tile so that I have extra tiles just in case I need to replace some in the future. However, upon completion of the bathroom I noticed that I ended up with 12 extra boxes of tiles.

Am I entitled to return the extra boxes and request a refund?

A: Whether or not you are entitled to return the extra tiles and ask for a refund depends on who was responsible for taking the measurements of the bathroom. Basically, if the seller took the measurements and calculated the amount of tiles you need, then it is their fault you ended up with so many extra tiles. In this case you may return the extra boxes and ask for a refund. 

On the other hand, if you took the measurements and the amount of tiles needed were calculated according to the measurements you gave the seller, then it is basically your fault. Hence, in such a situation, you cannot return the extra tiles and demand a refund – unless you manage to reach an amicable solution with the seller and convince them to take back the extra tiles.


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