The faces of those who received treatment at the ‘Maltese Hospital’ in the second largest Ghanaian city have made it to the House of Representatives, in Valletta.

They feature in a photographic exhibition by Jonathan Mercieca, which chronicles stories of hope and captures looks of optimism in the faces of those seeking well-being.

Mr Mercieca snapped the photos during a recent visit to the HopeXchange Medical Centre, in Kumasi, Ghana, or the ‘Maltese Hospital’, as it is popularly known there.

Together with Nikol Baldacchino, the development director of the Ghana Mission Foundation, he met several patients who received medical care at the hospital. They were especially touched by the words of a young woman who, in November, was the first patient to receive breast cancer treatment there: “Thank you, Malta. You saved my life.”

The medical centre was founded by Maltese philanthropists led by Mario and Anna Cappello. They were surprised by the people’s material needs, particularly lack of hygiene and healthcare, while carrying out lay missionary work in Kumasi.

They initially considered building a small clinic, however, encouraged by several people, including Saint Pope John Paul II, who made donations in aid of the project, it grew into a fully-functional hospital of 80 beds and five operating theatres.

The exhibition, Faces of Hope, will be launched today at the foyer of the Parliament building in Valletta. It will be open between 9am and 5.30pm every day until April 3. Opening hours on Saturdays and Sundays will be between 9am and noon. ­Entrance is free.

More information on the medical centre at


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