Q: I have purchased an air conditioner that is covered by a three-year warranty on the indoor unit and a six-year warranty on the compressor. The six-year warranty will expire in a few weeks’ time.

Lately it stopped working and I reported the problem to the seller. Without sending a technician to assess the fault, I was told that the fault is in the control board, covered by the three-year warranty which has now expired. The seller told me that the cost of the repair would amount to about €300.

I would like to know whether I can insist with the seller to have the faulty air conditioner inspected before accepting the conclusion that the defect is not covered by the guarantee.

A: Since the air conditioner has been purchased more than two years ago, the only protection you have left is the commercial guarantee given to you by the seller. If on the commercial guarantee’s certificate it is clearly written that the six-year guarantee only applies to the compressor, then unless the fault is directly related to the compressor, legally you cannot request the seller to repair the air conditioner for free.

Before accepting to pay for the repair, you may insist with the seller that he sends a technician to check the air conditioner. However, if it turns out that the fault is not covered by the commercial guarantee and you decide not to proceed with the repair, the seller may ask you to pay for the technician’s visit and inspection.

Alternatively, you may ask an independent technician to check your air conditioner to confirm the cause of the fault. If the technician confirms that it is the compressor that is faulty, then you may insist that the repair is carried out free of charge as per guarantee. It is important that any claim for repair is made in writing and is made before the commercial guarantee expires.


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