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Former FIAU investigator Jonathan Ferris stuck by the testimony he gave as part of the Egrant inquiry during a three-hour questioning session at the police headquarters on Wednesday afternoon.

Speaking to journalists outside the police headquarters, the former police inspector’s lawyer, Kris Busietta, said that Mr Ferris was questioned about the testimony that he had given to Magistrate Aaron Bugeja as part of the Egrant inquiry.

The inquiry was called following allegations that the once-secret Panama company was owned by the Prime Minister’s wife, Michelle Muscat. Its principal conclusions were published by the Attorney General's office last month. They found no evidence linking Ms Muscat to the offshore company.  

Speaking on Wednesday, Dr Busietta insisted that Mr Ferris stuck by his testimony and did not make any changes to the statements he had given during the investigation into the allegations.

On whether any charges had been brought against the former anti-money laundering unit investigator, Dr Busietta referred the journalists to the police, saying that questions on that should be directed to them.

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Asked whether the police would be calling Mr Ferris for further questioning, the lawyer said that such information was not yet available to him.

Mr Ferris’ name was mentioned in the published Egrant inquiry conclusions in relation to allegations of a US$1.017 million payment from an Azerbaijan company to Egrant Inc.

Magistrate Aaron Bugeja found no evidence of that transaction and said that Mr Ferris had concluded that “these were the payments he said he had found and which were made from Sahro FZCO’s account, and which according to him were paid directly to Michelle Buttigieg of Buttardi.”

Speaking on Tuesday, Mr Ferris told Times of Malta he had nothing to fear and would not be intimidated by "fascist tactics". 

Activist group Occupy Justice and former Opposition leader Simon Busuttil both called the interrogation of Mr Ferris "political persecution".

Mr Ferris on Wednesday. Photo: Chris Sant FournierMr Ferris on Wednesday. Photo: Chris Sant Fournier

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