FerroVault has recently inaugurated its safe deposit boxes facility in Malta.

“We saw a demand in the market for comfortable and secure safety deposit boxes facility in Malta” said Jeanne Borg, director of FerroVault.

“There is no analogy for this in Malta, making FerroVault a unique facility locally, with state-of-the-art high-tech security. Given that some of Malta’s main banks are in the process of discontinuing this service, we are assisting clients for a smooth transition to use our services.”

FerroVault is a centrally located newly opened compound of safe deposit boxes designed to offer a discreet and secure service to local, international, and corporate clients.

“FerroVault  follows a trend that occurred in the UK some years ago where private safe deposit box facilities started to appear when banks started to curtail and eventually discontinue their safe deposit services. In fact, our vault business model is based on a similar one operated in London’s Mayfair,” explained Borg.

“Our service is an  improvement on the service that the banks offered since our clients do not have limited access to their boxes. They can visit the facility any time between 10am and 7pm, Monday to Friday. They do not have to make an appointment, but it is preferable if they do phone our office to make an appointment more for discretion. FerroVault also provides complimentary insurance up to a value of €10,000. Most importantly, we operate single key boxes which means that we do not have access to clients’ boxes as all keys are passed on to the client.”

Col. Claudio Spiteri, responsible for the security aspect, explained how the service is generating a lot of interest mainly due to the fact that it offers new levels of security beyond what the local market has been offered to date. “While the vault is protected by state-of-the-art security technology provided by Pincott Security, its management is conducted by Kavallier Security Services Ltd, two highly professional and respected brand names in the local provision of security solutions. Access to the vault is only possible through the application of biometric technology and with keys that are solely held by the safe deposit box user.”

For more information visit https://ferrovault.com/.

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