A Vittoriosa man who allegedly hit a rival festa supporter with a flower pot ended up in court on Monday and will miss the forthcoming feast of St Dominic because of bail conditions restricting him to his home in the evenings.

Sandro Calleja, a 40-year old worker at the public cleansing department, denied any wrongdoing over the incident which broke out on Sunday at around 1pm.

Comments were exchanged between Mr Calleja and the supporter of a rival band club.

Words soon gave way to physical aggression and as the other man allegedly grabbed Mr Calleja by the throat, the latter reacted by smashing a flower pot, adorning the street, upon the other man’s head.

The victim needed treatment in a health centre.

The police are also expected to arraign the alleged victim.

Mr Calleja pleaded not guilty to having voluntarily inflicted a grievous injury, assaulted and threatened his victim and breaching the public peace.

Defence lawyers Franco Galea and Lucio Sciriha requested bail, pointing out that their client had no criminal record.

Prosecuting Inspector Oriana Spiteri stated that the prosecution would not object to bail as long as stringent conditions were imposed to ensure that there would be no further contact between the arrested man and his rivals as the festivities entered into full swing.

Magistrate Francesco Depasquale upheld the request for bail, imposing a curfew between 7pm and 6am until Tuesday, August 28 against a personal guarantee of €5,000. 

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