European Parliament member David Casa has doubled down on his criticism of the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit, saying that in burying a "finished" report it had opened itself up to charges of complicity. 

Writing on Facebook, Mr Casa said that he would not be intimidated by the FIAU's threats of legal action, saying its reputation lay in tatters. 

The MEP has said that he is in possession of an unpublished FIAU report which called for a probe into Panama Papers-named minister Konrad Mizzi. The FIAU has insisted no such report exists and that Mr Casa is referring to a working document leaked last May

Mr Casa's latest comments come in reply to a letter by the FIAU's board of governors published in The Sunday Times of Malta. 

In the letter, the FIAU said that it would not tolerate being used "in the arts of political spin" and threatened to take legal action if needed. 

Mr Casa hit back on Sunday afternoon, making it a point to describe the report he had as a "finished" one and saying the unit was out to "silence its critics." 

"The burying of the finished report in my possession at best proves the dereliction of the FIAU’s duty," he wrote on Facebook, adding "At worst it makes them complicit."