The class Premier race topped the card during yesterday’s 54th meeting of the season at the Marsa Racetrack. This programme consisted of nine races all for trotters. 

Sixteen trotters lined up for the class Premier race. It was Jackhammer (Rodney Gatt) which went in front with a lap to go and opening a small lead from Banker’s Garcon (Shaun Portelli) and M.T. Gogogirl (Nathaniel Barbara).

However midway through the final straight Rodney Gatt’s trotter was reeled in by M.T. Gogogirl which took its fifth win of the season and its second in a row. 

Sacha Marboula (Charles Camilleri) and Sensei (Nicholas Bonello) finished respectively in third and fourth place. M.T. Gogogirl clocked an average time of 1.15” per km. 

The other races on yesterday’s card were reserved for class Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper trotters.

In the first class Gold race, the early leader Topo De Bassiere (Carmelo Farrugia) ran out of steam midway through the final straight. 

Farrugia’s trotter was overtaken by Urido d’Alban (Rodney Gatt) which gained its first win in Malta from My Account (Charles Camilleri) and Swan Des Tesnieres (Julian Farrugia). 

Quetzal De Brix (Clint Vassallo) followed home in fourth place.

French newcomer Trento Rosso (Gilbert Farrugia) was unchallenged during the mile distance of the second class Gold race. 

Farrugia’s trotter notched its first win in Malta easily by two lengths from The Candyman (Michael Sultana) and Tchao Fouteau (Julian Farrugia).

Energitj (Kurt Saliba) also obtained a good place when finishing in fourth place. 

Another meeting at the Marsa Racetrack will be held on Wednesday. 

The first race should start at 1.30pm.

Yesterday’s winners

Race 1. Class Copper – Enjos TS (Marvin Cauchi) – 1.17”

Race 2. Class Bronze – Quickspin (Anthony Debono) – 1.15.7”

Race 3. Class Silver – Sitka Rod (Tony Demanuele) – 1.15.3”

Race 4. Class Bronze – Belina De Fresney (Charles Camilleri) – 1.16.2” 

Race 5. Class Silver – Ultra Dag (Felix Casha) – 1.14.5” 

Race 6. Class Gold – Urido d’Alban (Rodney Gatt) – 1.13.4” 

Race 7. Class Silver – Knugen Palema (Julian Farrugia) – 1.15.3” 

Race 8. Class Premier – M.T. Gogogirl (Nathaniel Barbara) – 1.15”

Race 9. Class Gold – Trento Rosso (Gilbert Farrugia) – 1.14.8”



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