To mark the fiftieth day of the Labour party in government, PN leadership contender Mario de Marco this morning listed 50 eyebrow-raising decisions taken by the new government.

“The points highlight the fact that one decision for everyday raises doubts and questions about the new government,” said Dr de Marco. This included the appointment of the Labour Party CEO as head of Transport Malta; the lack of transparency in the issuing of the expression of interest for the new power station; and the fact that despite the government’s declaration of zero tolerance frequent cases of abuse of hunting laws were reported.

“I will not go into each and one of them – but clearly 50 days of labour have shown that there’s 50 shades of labour,” he said.

Dr de Marco was addressing a press conference to launch his ‘political document’ – a booklet which gives an update of the policies he would introduce if he is elected PN leader.

The document, he said, was based on the hundreds of emails and messages on Facebook that he received since he announced his candidature. “The most important is the need to ‘go back to basics’.” He said that people wanted to see less partisan events.

“This is the party that invented political dialogue – we need to see less stage managed events,” he said referring to Taħt it-Tinda events, where he said questions to politicians were pre-prepared .

“That is not real dialogue. They’re good to boost the moral of the supporters,” he said. Dr de Marco stressed on the importance of having people within the PN to sit around a table with people who have different ideas.

He also said that the role of the deputy leader needs to be strengthened. “It is not defined at all,” he said, adding that it needed to be taken in the context of strengthening the party structures.


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